Angel (R.Williams)
Samstagnacht (T. Waits, W.Ambros)
I love you to want me (Lobo)
Weil i Di wü (U. Baer)
Don't let the sun go down on me (E.John, G. Michael)
Marilyn (H. Carpendale)
New York (C. Horvath, Tątrai Band)
Manchmal denk i no an Di (R. Fendrich)
Can't help falling in love (E. Presley)
Es tuat so weh (R. Fendrich)
Captain of her heart (Double)
Duat bin i daham (T. Waits, W. Ambros)
And I love her (Beatles))
Blessed (E. John)
Es is vorbei (T. Waits, W. Ambros)
The last song (E. John)